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Gleason 463 - In sale.

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"MACHINEFORCE" Limited Company - Dealer used metalworking machine tools and equipment.

We render following types of service:
Services of consultation concerning purchase and sale of used machines from Russia.

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Manufactures of Russia, import manufacture, and made in the USSR.

In our disposal the huge database collected for many years of work in the market of machine tools which was in the use.

We carry out a full complex of service concerning export of the equipment and used machinery in any point of the world.

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KRAMATORSK Special Drilling Lathe
Model KJ16122F2, max workpiece size DxL 4000x10000 mm
Workpiece external diameter 1400-4000 mm,
Workpiece internal diameter 1000-3270 mm,
Drilling circle diameter 1300-3270 mm,
Centres height over base plate 2600 mm,
Max workpiece weight in chuck 10 t,
Max workpiece on arbors 55 t,
Max drilling head quill travel:
- axial 230 mm,
- radial 180 mm,
Max drilling depth:
- with axial head 40 mm,
- with radial head 70 mm,
Width of T-slot to be milled 5-50 mm,
Drilling heads spindles max speeds 10000 rpm,
Drilling heads taper Morse 4




New in 1983



MODUL FCZF 03 CNC Gear Hobber - New in 1991 - Two machines 315 mm

TOS OHA 16B Gear Shaper - New in 1991 - Two machines 400\250 mm

STANKO 5A125 NC Gear Shaper   - New in 1991 - Two machines

MIKRON A22/1 gear hobber (max. diam. 20 mm) - Three machines




→ ERFURT PKZZ 500I.FS Double Point Straight Side press
→ Erfurt PKZZ(III)250.1FS - 250 т. 2500х1250, 1981
→ Erfurt PKZZ(III)250.1FS - 250 т. 2500х1250 1981
→ Erfurt PKnZT 500/2500 - 500 т. 2500х1600 1963
→ Erfurt PKnZT(VI)500 FS - 500 т. 2500х1600 1975
→ ERFURT PKZZ 800х4000 - 800 т. 4000 х 1800 1964
→ ERFURT PKZZ 800х4000 - 800 т. 4000 х 1800 1963