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CNC MODUL FCZF 03 (analog ZFWZ 03) Gear Hobber

Year of Made: 1991

Technical details:
The largest diameter of the workpiece at high efficiency: 250 mm
The largest diameter of the workpiece at full milling: 315 mm
The largest module:
- With a special milling head: 8 mm
- At frezie shaping of teeth: 14 mm
The largest feed axis: 280 mm
The largest feed tangential way: 160 mm
The largest accounts of the tooth inclination: 45 degrees
The smallest number of teeth for milling:
- With partial drive at normal exit: 8
- Maximum hob diameter: 160 mm
- The maximum length of the cutter 200 mm
- Diameter of the mounting surface of the table: 295 mm
- Centering table depth: 210 mm H7
Taper: MK 5
Table clamping surface:
Min.: 190 mm
Max. 470 mm
The distance between the cutter and the center of the table:
- Min.: 20 mm
- Max. 300 mm
lorry for steep cone-cone: 45
Cutter speeds, stepless: 50 … 400 rpm/ min